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Codes of Conduct
Refugees Codes of Conduct

The Laws Under Which We Live

Our Goal
Every organizational structure is founded on certain principles, enduring or vanishing through the collective experience of its members and held up for inspection by that membership against an overall mission goal. Our reason for existence is based on mutual need and a desire to play a truly engaging game. Our Philosophy
There is a fundamental understanding and imperative to enjoy oneself and be appropriately rewarded for the time invested in both the game and the Guild. Within the Guild structure of the game, we strive to contribute and develop a sense of togetherness and camaraderie that reflects both our personal belief system and our emotional appreciation for other players generally, and Refugees members more specifically. We enjoy contributing to the overall experience within the working/playing relationships we each conduct with other Refugees members. We challenge ourselves to contribute to the gaming universes in which we participate and the worlds in which we spend our time. Further, we also assist others where we find opportunity to do so and represent our Guild through a level of superior gamesmanship that reflects well upon this Guild and our personal avatars.

Our Guidelines
Much of the following could be considered common sense but is rightly provided to clearly delineate that which we abide by and duly stand for within the full light of the accountability we have set forth as a Guild.
1. Be polite and courteous at all times. Act like a mature individual and you will find that others treat you with similar respect.

2. Any behaviors that offend you are likely to be behaviors to avoid doing yourself. Kill stealing would be a good example.

3. Render immediate assistance to Guild mates without jeopardizing current mission formations/situations. Tell the group that you're with that you're leaving and the reason why. Take the time to inform people of your actions.

4. Monitor your requests and behavior. Don't be the one always asking for assistance and the last one to show up to provide it. No matter what race or character you decide to play, they all have strengths that can be allocated for the collective good of the Guild. Ask and ye shall receive.

5. Crafted or traded items between Guild members should include both payments and understanding. It costs money to build items while builders support their fellow members by not charging them market rates. Many times, used items can be passed on to lower level characters. Many Guild members who create items are able to provide superior items in return for your support and thoughtfulness. Quite a few members will simply give a guild mate an item they seek, while others still will charge a small sum. This we leave to the individual players to decide upon. However, it should be clearly noted that any member of the Refugees found to be purposely price-gouging a guild mate will be reprimanded and face expulsion without question. There is a spirit within the guild by which most of us live and that is that we charge nothing of our guild mates for the wares which we make. This does not mean however that you should take advantage of this situation.

6. It is proper conduct to arrange for meetings so the transfer of items can be accomplished. Basically, meet the other guy and work at his/her convenience. If you're a low level character and can't make the journey safely, let them know that. Many times the builder will be in your area at a later time. Coordinate with an understanding that this support activity is their willing choice but it does take time to accomplish. We all have jobs and must sleep sometime right? Tomorrow may be just as good a time as any.

7. Many players (yes, even under the high tuition universe of MMORPG's) are younger persons and many other players have children present, perhaps just watching Mom or Dad play the 'cool' fantasy game. Watch your language and words. There is the /tell system to keep private messages privately communicated.

8. Never pass on confidential information concerning Guild activities, passwords to forums or intelligence information made available on a "Guild Members Only" basis. We have established a family-like atmosphere within the Refugees. We would like to enjoy the same confidence, respect and privacy that we normally enjoy in our real life activities.

9. Game tips like Class Selection, MOB Locations, Threat Information, Quest Advice or other game related analysis, database collection activities should be shared with the Guild first. This is an expected and common practice for all MMORPG game play. We live and die as a team.

10. Generosity is good, to a point. Beggars are especially annoying since they've obviously been conditioned to try and succeed with such poor gamesmanship. Don't reinforce that bad behavior. Do, however, take the time to assist and coach new players. We were and are at times, new to the game. We appreciate their need for help and willingly provide them with such direction or assistance.

11. Communicate, emote, translate, show concern and continue to act with the knowledge that you represent the Refugees and the entire body of people who wear our uniform when you are traveling the lands of whatever game world we are in. Make us proud!

12. Be respectful of the private messaging system. Often times, especially with regard to the officers and our leadership team, our fellow guild mates are engaged in two or more conversations simultaneously. Be respectful of this and ask in the guild channel first if the person you wish to speak to has an open tell line. You will often see guild members saying things like 'Imaj, open line please?' or 'Mac, got a line for me please? This means that the individual wants to speak privately with the person in question and we should all adopt this as a rule of thumb. Ask first and wait for a response in guild channel before 'flooding' someone.

13.) The 3 Strikes and You're Out Rule: Refugees is setup as a family. However, we are also an organization defined to help enhance the game play of our membership. As such, from time to time, it is unfortunately necessary for disciplinary action to be taken against an individual who chooses to disobey either the letter or the spirit of the laws which govern us. Bearing this in mind, all members of the guild are given 3 opportunities to correct disruptive behavior before they face guild removal/expulsion.
a) The 1st time a member is found to be in direct violation of the rules/spirit of the guild they shall be warned, either verbally or in writing, by a member of the GHC itself.
b) The 2nd time a member is found to be in direct violation of the rules/spirit of the guild they shall be demoted to the status of Initiate for a period of 30 days. While in this status they are to be excluded from any official guild events, such as Raids and Hunts.
c) The 3rd time a member is found to be in direct violation of the rules/spirit of the guild they shall be guild removed or asked to leave the Refugees permanently by a member of the GHC.

Any member in status a) or b) may appeal to the GHC itself at the next regularly scheduled GHC meeting to have their violation overturned by showing just cause as to why the violation occurred. Only through a 2/3rds vote of the GHC may a violation be overturned. Status c) affords no appeal and the Guild Leaders themselves have the final vote on such an action.

All members of the Refugees are expected to adhere to these rules and regulations and any serious infractions against these rules is grounds for expulsion from the guild following a hearing before the Council of Elders to discuss any infractions made.