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Guild Charter
The Refugees Guild Charter

This is who we are, This defines who we are:
If you feel you are unable to abide by the spirit in which this is written, then, simply put, we are not the guild for you!

If you believe in these things, and can follow these simple principals, then you are welcome to apply for membership amongst us.

These tasks are what we are charged with:

To safeguard the noble and good inhabitants of the game worlds in which we play to the best of our abilities. We serve the will of the Greater Good, and are among the forces of Light which seek to protect the land from the forces of Darkness and their myriad hordes of minions. We are a family of like-minded souls, working together toward a common goal. We believe in this principle to the cores of our hearts and our beings. Wear the Refugees uniform with pride and seek to take the spirit of the guild, this sense of family with you wherever you may travel. For WE are the Refugees!

To be a member in good standing within the Refugees you must familiarize yourself with the following principles.

1) Serve and Protect
You must render aid or assistance to others when you can (healing, buffing, directions, advice, event participation, etc.). If you can help someone, so that you both live, do so. And if you choose to sacrifice your life so that another may live, then that is an honorable death indeed. However, if your assistance will result in 2 deaths, yours and that of the person you are trying to assist, it is the wise man that knows the limits of their capabilities. There is no honor in creating 2 deaths instead of 1.

2) Promote Family Unity
This is done through several steps. If you are a solo specialist, if all you wish to do is hunt alone, then we are not the guild for you. Participate in the guild and it will make you stronger as you in turn make it stronger. The Refugees are a guild where we expect your primary character to reside. This means if you have a 'primary' in another guild, then we are probably not the guild for you as we expect participation from our members and that's hard to when you're trying to split time between two or more guilds. Participation is also encouraged for pick up groups and other raids and events planned by members. Hunts and events are organized and planned by the CoE. Times, dates and where to meet will be posted in the Guild Events and often on the Message Board. Please visit frequently to keep informed. If you are online during a planned guild event, your participation is expected as a member of the guild. It also means that when you come across items of special interest, such as armor or weapons forms, even though you may not necessarily be able to use that item yourself, others in the family might, and may in fact be seeking it. Items should be offered in guild first and at cost or at the very least not over priced. Any items obtained through guild camps or events should be offered to other guild members before being put on the open market. Items obtained through elite raids such as tradable epic quest items before the quest is complete and God/Dragon loot will be given up if you cannot use the item or if you leave the guild. Services like tailoring and jewelry making should be offered as close to cost as possible. You are also expected to make sure that you do not abuse those in the guild who offer services (This means be respectful of the crafters) or items at special prices for members.

3) Wear the Uniform with Honor
It is important to remember that throughout your travels, you are a representative of the Refugees family. As such we expect you to conduct yourself with honor and integrity at all times. Wear the Refugees Uniform with pride, and do not abuse the privilege of being part of our family. Be the teacher as well as the student. Teach young ones the proper way to hunt or to play their class when you can, but be open to these lessons yourself. We do NOT steal kills from others, nor do we refuse to work out equitable solutions to problems. We do NOT randomly go off on a player killing expedition either. We believe that there is no honor in randomly pk'ing people 'just for the fun of it'. If, however, you encounter a problem with another player or guildmate that you cannot work out, report the problem immediately to one of the guild officers.

4) Be Aware of Your Rights
Two members of any class may call a vote to remove their Elder. This process is conducted as follows: It will be conducted through Email, to one of the Guild Leaders. To remove an elder, 66% of respondants must vote as such. The vote will last 1 week. An elder may not be called to vote within the first month of their appointment, nor more than 1 time in a 3 month period. Only members of that class may vote.

5) Guildremoving
If a member guildremoves and decides they want back in Refugees, a poll will be posted in the Elders section. The member must receive unanimous 'yes' votes from CoE in order to be readmitted to Refugees. If an Elder guildremoves, they may be remitted as a member of Refugees, but they will not be readmitted as an Elder. The reasoning was this: The Guild needs a stable leadership. Not people that guildremove upon every problem. CoE, as leaders, set the example. Guildremoval is a 'last option' when problems can not be worked out. Not a first course of action to later be readmitted as things get worked out.

6) Chain of Command
The final step is to always follow the chain of command. Do not be afraid to speak your mind on issues that concern us all, but please do so by utilizing the proper chain of command. The Refugees is a Republic and as such you are expected to follow orders given by the Guild Leader or his command staff, the Council of Elders (aka CoE) as they have been placed in their positions by us all. We, the officers of the Refugees are always striving to make this a better place for the family. We realize that if something isn't working with the way the guild is running, then it must be changed. To that end, the command structure is sometimes reorganized so that necessary positions may be fulfilled. Guild related questions should be addressed to any guild officer. The Guild Leader's time is precious and as such we would appreciate it if you kept /tells to a minimum with him/her and tried to contact another Council member instead. For more information on our Council of Elders please see the Council section of our website.

7) The Recently-Renamed-Brodibble Rule
This is probably the most important rule within our charter so please, remember it and always act accordingly: it is always Brodibble's fault. Drop some jelly on your plate boots this morning? That's Brodibble's fault. Die while fighting a mob 19 levels higher than you this afternoon? Brodi's fault. Random server crash occur while you were zoning and you log back in only to find yourself in ghost form because a gaggle of random mobs decided to play ping-pong with your head? Yep, you guessed it - it's Brodibble's fault! Mad that the CoE always seems to overlook the one instance that you want to run as a guild event? Blame Brodi - because ultimately, it's all Brodibble's fault!

As mentioned above, we have been and continue to be a guild of good alignment. An invitation will be extended to those individuals who show through action that they are interested in walking the path of the light, who have reconsidered their evil ways and wish to do good. Failure to comply with the charter can result in warnings and eventual guild removal.