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Command Structure

Refugees is a multi-game guild, spanning several MMORPG's at any one time. Due to this, and the nature of these games, and the fact that not all of our members play in all the games in which our guild operates chapters, we have developed a system of governance which can be applied across all chapters. This structure is as follows:

The Grand High Council, or as we refer to it the GHC, is the governing body for the entire guild. This body is comprised of officers from within our various chapters, and even a few regular members of those chapters.

It is overseen directly by the the Guild Sovereign, Imajicaan Mae'Stro, who helped found the guild in which we all now reside, and who formed the first Council of Elders for the guild back during our first days together.

The Council itself shall always count amongst it's membership a total of 9 people with at least 2 members being from the guild at large. This structure will hold the following titles and ranks:
  1. Guild Sovereign
    Commander of all Refugees forces in all chapters. This position is directly responsible for overseeing the development and running of our family on a day to day basis.

  2. (2) Royal Commanders
    These 2 positions are the right and left hand of the Guild Sovereign. They are designed to act as both close confidants and also defacto decision makers for the strcuture and organization of the guild in the event that the Sovereign is unavailable or otherwise tied up. When multiple chapters of the guild are running, they also serve as Co-Guild leaders as assigned by the Guild Sovereign.

  3. Royal Emissary
    In charge of final approval on all guild treaties within the universes that we inhabit. The individual CoE Emissaries report directly to the Royal Emissary.

  4. Royal Patron
    This position is one of the most crucial within the entire family as it is directly responsible for overseeing all of our recruiting efforts. All persons wishing to be approved for entry into the guild, regardless of the chapter they are trying to join, must be approved for doing so by the Royal Patron.

  5. (2) Grand High Councilmen
    2 positions specifically tasked with other duties as assigned by the Guild Sovereign and the Royal Commanders. These range in scope from helping to oversee our recruiting efforts, to dealing with espionage against the family itself.

  6. (2) Royal Vanguard
    These 2 positions shall fall to regular members of the guild whom are not serving as officers within the chapters they are currently playing. These 2 positions give a strong voice to the non-officers of the guild during council meetings and sessions.
Current GHC Members:
Imajicaan Tyl'Gray - Guild Sovereign
Fernmug Freehand, Rengar Fierymane - Royal Commanders
Navarra - Royal Emissary
Avaelia - Royal Patron
Rowyco - Grand High Councilman
Chara, Hecubus, Vhoghul - Royal Vanguards

The Council of Elders
Within each chapter of the guild (or each game in which we are playing), there shall reside a Council of Elders. This council acts as the governing force for the Refugees within the game they are playing, and they in turn report directly to the Grand High Council itself.

The number of CoE members within any game should not exceed 7. However, the exact number will be set and determined by the Co-Guild Leaders within the chapter itself.

The CoE itself shall be comprised of (2) Official Co-Guild Leaders, (1) 1st Officer, and (1) Guild Patron and (1) Guild Emissary at the very least. However, it is at the Co-GL's discretion to also assign: Master Huntsmen or Taskforce Leaders; Guild Biographers (for keeping up with our members); Guild Minstrels (in charge of non hunt activities); or Guild Councilman as needed. In all of these cases, the job descriptions will closely mirror those laid out for the GHC itself, but it is always at the discretion of the game GL to ask the GHC to add another title of job duty to fit a need that exists within the game of the requesting GL.