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The History of the Refugees

So where did the Refugees come from? Who founded them? Why are they here?

These and many, many more question have been asked of us for many, many moons now it seems...

In order to try and tell this story correctly though, you first have to understand that Refugees is a guild that has held chapters/versions of ourselves, across many games now.

More importantly, you should also come to understand that mine is not the only voice which can adequately tell the tale. Click any of the links below to explore our history in detail:

In the beginning...
Lineage II
City of Heroes
World of Warcraft
Dungeons and Dragons Online
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
EverQuest II
Warhammer Online

As you explore the details of our past, you should begin to form a picture of who we are, what we believe in, and why this guild has withstood the test of time when so many others have fallen by the wayside across the MMORPG gaming landscape.

One small word of advice to you then and I shall take my leave - do not be surprised to be asked how well you know our history before you are ever allowed entry amongst our ranks. We firmly believe that only those who are willing to learn and understand this history will make a truly informed decision about joining us.

Whatever you may decide, know that I, and indeed all the Refugees, wish you well in your endeavors!



Imajicaan Tyl'Gray
Guild Founder/Sovereign