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It's Not About The XP - It's About The EXPERIENCE!

Welcome Traveller!

Refugees has just recently celebrated our tenth year together. As you will find from reading our long and storied History section, it has been a long, strange trip for most of us. We are many things to many people. To some, we are an escape. From reality. From the mundane. From their normal 'day-to-day' lives. To others we are allies. Friends. Compatriots. Fellow adventurers along the same journey.

But to those who have worn the uniform and flown the banner for any real length of time, there is only one word which I believe aptly describes us: H_O_M_E. We believe that you don't have to be hardcore, just an adult, to be able to enjoy gaming alongside us.

At the end of the day, what you need to know if you are reading these words for the very first time is this: you don't have to be l33t to hang with us - you just have to be someone looking to have fun alongside of some very cool friends :-) If this sounds like you, then by all means, read on. If not, then good luck in your adventures!

Are YOU looking for a home? If so, then welcome...we've kept a tankard of ale and a place by the fire just for you. We only ask that before applying for membership in Refugees, you please familiarize yourself with the following:

Looking for a home? You don't have to be hardcore, just an adult! Check us out for yourself and then Sign Up TODAY!

Original Original Original Original Original butt!

Where do they find cushions that fit a chair THIS big?!?

Two Heads Are Better Than One...

I wanna fllllyyyy...away....

Where's. My. PEANUT. BUTTER?!?

The fabulous, furious, Fernmug vents his frustration at someone stealing his peanut butter. (He suspects it was Storm-ah!)

Refugees celebrated 10 years together in 2012!

A look back at just how far we've come :-)

Yup...we're baaaaccckkkk...

Refugees re-enter WoW as part of the Warlords of Draenor Expansion
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kayshanksbai changed secondary profession from Mining to Draenor Engineering
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